Free Longsleeve Mockup

Today's graphic design freebie is a free longsleeve t-shirt mockup, the Canvas 3501


I'm pretty stoked on this weeks free longsleeve mockup. There's very few of them out there, and not many for free (at least at the time of this post). When you open the file you will notice everything is easy to edit.

From a graphic design standpoint this is one of the most inclusive free longline mockups you can find. And there's more to come! Stay tuned for more free shirt mockups, and subscribe to my newsletter for even more free mockups!

If your curious on the method I used to create this mockup watch my tutorial here.


  • Editable garment color.
  • Editable cuff & collar color.
  • Original manufacturer tag.

I hope you enjoy this free longsleeve mockup, feel free to use this in your next personal or commercial graphic design project.

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*I take no credit for the designs or logos above, they are merely meant to illustrate how artwork looks on the mock itself - don't sue me Adidas.


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