Frequently Asked Questions


+ How much do you charge?

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Pricing is dependent on many variables - each project is unlike the next, and for that reason I offer tailored price quotes. You'll receive a quote before anything begins.

An hourly rate is available for select projects - let's discuss!

+ Do you price match?

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Price matching only works for items that are identical. Since no two designers or projects are the same, it’s not really fair to demand “So and so only charges $400 for a logo design, why don’t you?”.

There are various reasons why one designer may charge $400 for a logo, and another charges more (i.e. time spent on projects, level of experience and expertise, quality of the product and service, etc). Graphic design is like any other service industry; the pricing is based on a value of “worth”. It is up to the buyer to determine whether or not the price justifies the worth.

+ Do you offer printing?

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Yes! I have a large amount of experience with different print-houses and printing methods. This is a seamless transition from digital to physical. I am happy to help guide you through the plethora of options when it comes to t-shirts, business cards, and more.

+ I don't live near you, is that ok?

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Absolutely! I welcome clients from all over the US and recently outside the US. Some of my best clients are located thousands of miles away. At the heart of any good relationship is good communication, this is all we need to create wonderful designs together. The easiest way to do that is through video, phone, and email.

+ How do I pay?

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I accept PayPal, check, and direct deposit. *2.9% service fee for PayPal

+ What's your turn-around time?

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Creating a logo should typically allow 3-4 weeks for completion. For smaller printed items such as business cards or flyers, you can expect 1-2 weeks for completion.

Depending on the difficulty and requirements of each project, that timeline could fluctuate. If you need a project completed in a shorter time-frame, I offer a rush service. It should be noted that the best designs take time, and are not hurried.

+ What files will I receive?

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The type of files you receive are directly related to the type of project.

Logos and vector illustrations will warrant vector files (Ai, PDF, EPS) that are scalable and editable by designers and print-houses using standard software.

Print designs will be 300dpi files, setup in CMYK color mode (or pantone), with margins and bleeds intact. If you need a specific file type or dimensions just let me know, I am happy to provide it.

+ Why should I choose to work with you?

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Ultimately this is for you to decide. Below are some benefits of working with me.

  1. You will be working with me and me alone. Design firms have common practice to throw your project around to multiple designers – even the fresh-out-school designers.
  2. My response time to emails or questions is less than 24hrs. In most cases it’s immediately.
  3. The pricing I offer is great when compared to industry firms. Other designers and agencies are steeper with extra fees, add-ons, and the need to cover a much higher cost of operation.
  4. There are designers out there that believe in using pre-made logos, or buying designs and simply pawning them off as their own. This is not how you want your identity portrayed. I create custom tailored logos, that are specific to you.
  5. When you view my portfolio, you know what I am capable of and the quality of work you will receive. This is an advantage over multiple member design companies. Every firm has multiple designers that are great, and multiple that are OK. Do you know which one is working on your project? Most likely not. 
  6. I encourage you to read testimonials from previous customers to get a sense of my work ethic.

The Difference Between a Logo, Identity & Brand

Outside of the graphic design community (and even inside!) there are some misconceptions between the words logo, identity, and brand. It's easy to mix the three around since they can convey similar meanings. Below I list out some key differences between them, and why it's important.


  • The simplest form of who you are.
  • Your foremost identifier.
  • A mark, icon, emblem, badge or monogram.


  • Marketing collateral.
  • Anything that visually represents your brand.
  • A website, online advertising, or even audio.
  • Stationary (letterhead, cards etc...).


  • A concept, not an object.
  • An emotional perception of who you are as a whole.
  • The personality of your organization.
  • How people think and feel about you - their gut feeling.